Men's/ Unisex Tshirt TEMPLATE

mz's behind the seamz
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Description: describe the design with some fun information about the image and how it relates to rescue.

For example: "Show off your love of kittens and chaos with this cute design that saves lives too".


Customization: if there are options to customizing the design, discuss them here and or explain which style options (ie body types) there are and which sizes are also available.

For example: "This design is offered in 3 color ways (red, purple, green) on men's/ unisex tshirts (XS-3XL). See our other listings for men's/ unisex hoodies (XS-3XL) and women's tshirts (XS-2XL)".

Beneficiary: This is where you describe the animal the shirt benefits. You can look at their profile on our web page: and or check out what we have been posting about them on Facebook:, especially if they have been an expensive case.

Remember to put a picture of the animal in the media (below)


Body type: This is where you describe which shirt/ hoodie body with brand and content. Men's/ unisex tees (3600A) and tanks (3633) are 100% cotton from Next Level Apparel. 

Women's tees (3900A) are 100% cotton and tanks (3533) are 57% cotton, 38% poly also from Next Level Apparel.


Sizing: This is where the size chart for each style needs to be pictured/ written out in a table.