Our Mission

there’s a story- and an animal- behind every stitch!


Patrick Brewer- a pup who fell off a couch and sustained serious injuries, perhaps paralysis.

mz behind the seams is a new store designed to do good: namely, save the lives of helpless animals in need!

all the items we sell are made purely for the benefit of animals above all else.  whether they be abused, neglected, sick, homeless or otherwise misplaced- our store helps support the expensive care of these animals that have no one else!


just like those animals, each item here has a story too: every item we sell supports an animal in need*- so you can see their pictures and read their stories in each item’s description!
we print each item, on demand, in our own facility. this is not some huge, factory operation- every bit of this process is done specifically for you- and our animals.


beyond where the proceeds go, as sustainability and consumer consciousness are also important, we also purchase blanks that are organic (when available) and US made. we certainly don't want to support sweatshops or polluting while we're focused on saving animals! 
we care about what we do, how that affects our community- and how we can make a better place for animals in that world.


mz behind the seams is an extension of motley zoo animal rescue’s 501c3 mission (www.motleyzoo.org) and ALL sales support the rescue’s bottom line, helping raise more funds to save more lives!


we’re all in for the animals- are you?
-behind the seams team


 Got questions or concerns?
EMAIL US: orders@mzbehindtheseamz.com


You can also reach us via voicemail at 585-542-9588. Please leave a message as we do not have staff to answer calls on demand.


*disclaimer: each item represents the opportunity to cover a specific animal's care costs- though this may or may not reflect the animal's current adoption/ availability status. this is because while an animal may get adopted very quickly, we may not have raised enough in sales on that item to cover costs- so the animal may remain visible because the sales are still supporting their care. so, while perhaps not in real time (or exact to the penny), all proceeds collectively go to supporting motley zoo's 501c3 rescue program. for reals.