Meet the Artists

mz behind the seamz utilizes artwork from a true motley crew of artists.  check them out!

Paw Paw Fan Art Contest Winners:

Elise Hughes- 1st Place


Elise is a 25-year-old goth and independent digital artist. 

 Kai Rikli- 2nd Place 
Hailing from Northern Virginia (and currently attempting to take over Manhattan), Kai is known for his various different art styles. From comic book covers to poster designs, to illustrations that look straight out of a sketchbook, he’ll find a way to do it digitally!
Kai’s artwork is almost always about the music and media he enjoys, all of which there is a deep appreciation for - don’t worry, though, he’s perfectly capable of drawing non-fanart works. 

GhuleGwen- 3rd Place




1. Born in Russia, but lived in Israel for most of her life.
2. Loves animals, grew up surrounded by pets.
3. Loves art and design.
4. Animals are the most inspirational thing in the world!
5. Got a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and worked in a design studio in Israel before relocating.
6. Moved to the Seattle area two years ago from Israel.
7. Came to Motley Zoo in May 2019 

We are grateful for Anya' s dedication to MZ's mission and our animals!


1. Half-Korean and half-Thai - who lived most of his life in Thailand. Came to Motley Zoo in December 2019

2. Animals are precious and must be protected.

3. His favorite animal is the Orca!


1. Born in and lived in Thailand most of her life. Moved to Seattle to followed her dream career.  Came to Motley Zoo in December 2019

2. Rodent enthusiast

3. Really loves cats and dogs, but is unfortunately allergic to both of them. 


Kristen started volunteering with Motley Zoo in September 2018, and has been an integral part of MZ's art team ever since.  She's created t-shirts, brochures, marketing materials and provides website management - all helping keep Motley Zoo running smoothly!  She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in media arts and sciences from Indiana University.  She has a long history of drawing, writing and being all-around creative - and is an avid sports fanatic.  Although she grew up with dogs and is passionate about animal rescue and welfare, since she got married and moved to Seattle from the Midwest in 2009, she hasn't been able to have pets of her own due to her husband's allergies - which motivated her to volunteer for an animal rescue! 


Maja is a guest artist for mz behind the seamz, lending her shirt design talents to help support rescue! 

She is an award-winning children’s book illustrator. Her work has been featured in more than 20 books, published in South Africa and France. Her art has been acquired by private collections in South Africa, Ireland and now, USA. She’s been a participant of a number of illustration exhibitions and has been invited to attend and present at international book fairs in Paris and Réunion Island.  We are so grateful to have her supporting animal rescue!


Do you want to see your art featured?  We do!
Our store relies on those who truly love animals and want to help them by putting their skills and passion to use - even through art.
Below are the specs for any designs you'd like to submit:

  • 14"x16" max
  • .png files best, but will accept .jpg, .psd & .ai
  • RGB (vs CYMK)
if you have questions or concerns about these requirements - or want to submit your art, please e-mail us at