why mzbtsmz?

you might wonder why we decided to launch mz behind the seamz- so we'd love to give you the "backstage" scoop!

mzbtsmz is designed to support motley zoo animal rescue's lifesaving mission.

born out of need since the devastating effects of COVID, we at mz knew we needed a new way to help bring in funds because donations just have not been enough.

in 2020, donations down more than 50% and our rock star treatment dog daycare business down more than 60%.

this self-generated, service-based revenue is what we relied on when donations felt short of our goals- but not only is that not an option now, but the entire business concept has been made all but obsolete with the work from home model of response to the pandemic.

beyond the daily traffic we have lost, many volunteers have left or are still on hiatus due to shutdowns and restrictions- so we don't have the team to support our former attendance capacity of more than 50 dogs per day either. this catch-22 has left us struggling to sustain our efforts all around.

ultimately, when we can't accrue the donations we need and we lack the daycare revenue to boot, we just cannot maintain our mission sustainably...

as a result, we have been unable to meet our average monthly veterinary budget of $15,000/ month...never mind, take on the extensive special/ medical cases we are known for, which totals 30% of our intakes and costs 2-10x the average cost of care.

these are animals that have NO ONE ELSE...all chances have been exhausted and they are staring death in the face. this is even more true as COVID wipes out other organizations that may have been able to help in the past.

we are one of the last standing that hasn't given up as a result of COVID's icy grip.


we knew we had to do something to change the direction of our mission- from one of diminished capacity to one of sustainability- even potential growth.

as our motley zoo branded merchandise has always been a hot seller all over the world, we believed this avenue could be explored further- and could hopefully change our mission's outlook. 

we set out to create (yet another) never-been-done-before concept with our designs and the purpose of the store in general to ensure the animals in our care get everything they need, no matter the cost... 

mzbtsmz is the answer...not only to our mission's future, but mzbtsmz allows you to live out your dreams to "someday" help animals, though the purchase you make today.

and while there are a ton of "animal lover" designs out there, who is behind them?

the reality is, quite literally an animal abuser could be printing shirts that say "animal abuse sucks" and making money off your love of animals!

we all know there are some pretty awful people out there who will do anything to make money and support their evil desires.

as well, there are sites out there that tout supporting a cause with purchase- but how much of the proceeds really go to the cited mission?

again, the reality is much less glamorous than they'd want you to believe. usually the donation that finds its way back to the charity is a mere pittance of the sale price...and where does the rest of the funding go, but into someone's pocket?

certainly there's nothing wrong with making a living (even a good one) from selling goods to "animal lovers"...

but when ANIMALS are your love and passion, wouldn't it be better to know that the animals were actually the ones benefiting most from your purchase?

at mzbtsmz, you can see exactly who benefits.

every design represents a real animal with a unique story- one we have laid hands on, hosted in our homes and loved as our own.

beyond that, all proceeds (beyond cost) go to supporting that animals' care through motley zoo animal rescue's 501c3 nonprofit mission.

mzbtsmz is a winning concept, with a lifesaving outcome!

check out our growing selection of designs- or submit your own!