the design process for mz black label

you might guess that we have a pretty specific style aesthetic we require for the mz black label designs- and that the process of creating a new one can be pretty long and arduous...but always worth it!

we have a list of ideas that we have been kicking around for years, but before we had the printer and the option to print on demand, we had to make tough choices about which designs we should release- as the cost of printing them and keeping stock was always pricey.

it used to be a process of months, sometimes more than a year to bring a design to fruition! the design would go through many iterations as we went.

sometimes we'd sit on the design and then pick it up again later when we had a new spark of inspiration or genius (if we do say so ourselves)! sometimes the perfect design or design change just hits us like lightning- and we can't believe we've never thought of that before!?

however, now we can do this in a matter of weeks!

the artists that create for black label know the level of attention to detail and scrutiny will be high- but they too want the best for their work and for mz. they are always excited by the feedback we offer and appreciate our discerning eye...

and ultimately it is this amazing collaboration that brings these mz designs to life!

designing for mzbtsmz isn't quite as "grueling", because the collections from each artist are a direct representation of them and their aesthetic over motley zoo's.

their collections allow for more creative liberties in what they tackle- and thankfully now, there's no risk to offering a design that might not sell well we are very hands off with those collections- as we appreciate the variety in each artsis' collection.

are you interested in becoming an artist for mzbtsmz or mz's black label? we'd love to have you!

simply email us at with a link to your portfolio, or attach some examples of your designs- and we will respond with the next steps.

we hope you appreciate too how much goes into every item- because we're saving lives by design!

rock on!