Building a brand

It isn't easy to build a brand- especially one with a mission...a movement really, but we're working on it!

We have been working on our website to optimize the shopping experience, though we know it still has a way to go. We are trying to spend more time getting the new designs out there so you can see them- and support the animals that need please bear with us as we proceed!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the store- and especially our designs- so please send them our way via!

Printing the shirts is really fun and it gives us hope that we have a new path forward for the rescue mission.

2020 has been exceptionally hard in terms of funding- namely, we just don't have enough to do the work we need to do! Animals are being turned away and it's breaking our hearts.

However, we feel good knowing we have a plan. Through our own effort and hard work, we can help change that- no matter what the economic or philanthropic climate may be at any point in time.

Charities cannot just rely on donations anymore- we saw what happened when our dog daycare was shut down at the start of the pandemic...that revenue we so relied on to support our animals is no more...especially as daycare just isn't a viable business when most people work from home.

mz behind the seamz gives us a chance to turn misfortune around, to claw our way back to the capacity and strength we are known for.

This is why your purchase is so important to our work! YOU make the difference with your purchases, so we can save the animals you see pictured.

We encourage you to share our store, share our message- and for sure, share your purchases with us! 

We want to see YOU and your pets with our designs. Show us how they make a difference to you- so others see how they make a difference to the animals.

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