behind the seamz: feature artist, fern

we are so fortunate to have help from amazing volunteers- ones who got involved initially to help with the animals...but who turned out to have art skills that save lives too!

fern came to us a year ago as a student recently graduated from an art program as a student on visa from thailand! 

she (and her partner, dom, another artist we will feature soon) have committed many hours to volunteering at our mission center studio with the dogs- often 4 days a week! 

somehow though, she still has time to create some really adorable designs that you can see under the flowermelodies collection.

her unique style is cute and fun, with quirky wit. she's got a great sense of humor and she puts a ton of emotion into each of her designs.

beyond creating the designs, fern is also one of our volunteer printers!

fern comes in early before her dog agent shift to print out the orders for the week and makes sure every order goes out with her seal of quality assurance- and she even packs them up!

we couldn't be more grateful to have such a kind, sweet and dedicated volunteer helping us save lives by design!

thank you fern! you rock ;)